Escalator Cleaning

Pro 2 Clean Group is a leading cleaning service provider that specializes in escalator cleaning. Our concern is to effectively clean escalators in – situ without causing any escalator down time or interfering with traffic flow. Professional specialist cleaning of escalators using advanced specifically designed escalator cleaning machines.

We Guarantee:

The use of knowledgeable, conscientious and thoroughly trained operators.
Thoroughly cleaned escalators
No Damage to escalators
Decrease of escalator maintenance costs
Aluminium, painted or coated escalator steps are not damaged as the soft brushes sweep away the grime and grit.

Why Clean your Escalators?

Save on escalator maintenance
Brake Down of escalators are reduced
Less Down time on escalators and steps don’t have to be removed of site for cleaning.

Why Pro 2 Clean Group?

Because we are the best when it comes to cleaning escalators
Our staff, equipment, producers and the way we clean are of the highest quality
We are Pro Active, Consistent and provide not only a superb service to our clients but try to establish a long term relationship by the service that we provide.
Cost effective (Market Value). Pro 2 Clean Group provides a fair price to our clients with no hidden cost.
We have the clients to proof it.


Escalator Letter of Acceptance 1 (118KB)

Escalator Letter of Acceptance 2 (129KB)

 Escalator Letter of Acceptance 3 (111KB)

 Escalator Letter of Acceptance 4 (124KB)

 Escalator Letter of Acceptance 5 (197KB)


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