Deep Cleaning of Urinal bowls & Urinal traps

It is vital to do deep cleaning on your urinals and urinal traps at least once a month.

Most restrooms especially men’s restrooms have often a strong urine smell. This is due to not doing deep cleaning on the urinals and on the urinal traps. It will not help how much air freshener you try to spray it will never take away the strong smell of urine. This is due to happen over a period, what happens is that the urine form crystals in the urinal traps and the more crystals forms the stronger the smell of urine gets until its unbearable.

The results can lead to the following:

  • A very bad odour of urine that fills the air, and can leave a negative experience on staff and clients
  • Blocked drains due to the urine crystals and lime scale build up
  • Yellow and green stains in the urinal bowls that is very un-hygienic


Pro 2 Clean hygiene teams are well trained on deep cleaning urinal bowls and urinal traps and we deliver an exceptional hygiene service to our clients.

How we clean Urinal bowls & Traps:

  • Our staff is dressed for the occasion as we are serious when it comes to their safety
  • We use a special formulated chemical that is sprayed on to the urinal and urinal bowl and we leave it for 5min. thereafter we clean the formula off and disinfectant, leaving you urinal sparkling and hygienic clean
  • The urinal traps we unscrew from the bottom and clean the crystals out with a special formulated chemical. Where after we disinfect and screw the urinal trap back
  • Where we can’t access the urinal traps, we use a specialized chemical to flush the urinal traps clean, this process can and will be repeated until the traps are cleaned and there is no more urine smell hanging in the air


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Pro 2 Clean Group’s Urinal Cleaning Services are Available to:


  • Commercial Buildings
  • Corporate Offices
  • Office Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Stadiums
  • Government Buildings

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Need Deep Cleaning Services? Call 087 500 9060 or Email