Pro-2-Clean-logo-newHygiene and cleanliness of Restaurants


There are a few things which put us off our food faster than dirt, stains and bad smells in a place where we are trying to eat.


A professional level of hygiene and cleanliness should be at the forefront of the minds of every restaurant owner and member of restaurant staff in the country though, based on these results, we feel this is unlikely to be the case.”


The latest interest rate rise and increasing economic uncertainty mean we’re all having to tighten our belts. ‘Businesses have to work harder to prove they deserve customers’ money than ever before. But it’s not always what’s on the menu that wow us. Cleanliness and hygiene can make all the difference.


“Ensuring every area of an establishment, especially the washroom, is spotless helps build customer confidence and establish relationships meaning that customers are more likely to return. ‘Investment in cleaning is an investment in business growth.”

to name the things most likely to make any customer turn around and walk out a restaurant is “A bad odour”.

But when a bad dining experience does occur, only 12% would take up the issue with the manager, while three in 10 would take out their anger on the waiter. One in eight customers will tell their friends and family about the experience they have had at a specific restaurant.

Word of mouth is important, as more then 50% of people decide where they want to eat based on recommendations from people they know and reviews.

29% of customers have even been so put off by unhygienic practices in a restaurant they have posted a negative review online to warn others.

Of those who have written a negative review, one in 10 will complain about unhygienic toilet facilities, and 14% about the grime on their crockery and cutlery.

In fact, cleanliness is vital to the dining experience, as nine out of 10 people believe good hygiene standards are an indicator of a reputable restaurant.

85% also consider the cleanliness of a restaurant just as important as the taste and quality of the food they prepare.

More than a third would even be willing to pay more to eat at a restaurant with exemplary hygiene standards.

And Almost two thirds said just one unclean area in a restaurant was enough to make them suspicious of the hygiene standards elsewhere on the premises.

Long story short. ‘Investing in cleaning is an investment in business growth.” Cleanliness and hygiene can make all the difference.