Determining the cause of cloudy glass


When the dishwasher runs, things get hot inside.

Without hard-water minerals to act on, and little food waste to occupy them, the cleaning phosphates in your dish washing detergent turn into troublemakers for glassware.

At the end of the cycle – or combination of months of cycles – you up with foggy glasses that no amount of cleaning can coax away.
A magnifying glass, however, would reveal the truth – your glasses aren’t the least bit dirty or fogged with a film. In fact, they’re so clean as to be etched – as in the surface is scratched.

To determine whether you’re dealing with simple water stains on glasses, hard water deposits, or etching, drop a bit of vinegar onto the foggy glasses.

Rub it around with your finger. Drain the vinegar; let dry.

If the rubbed area dries clear, it’s a film – and you can clean these water stains on glasses.

If there’s no change, however, your glassware has been irreversibly etched and the damage is permanent.