person using an at home carpet cleanerHow to Deep Clean a Carpet Without a Steam Cleaner

Pro 2 Clean Group knows a thing or two about how to deep clean a carpet. In this article we will show you a easy carpet cleaning method that uses a vacuum cleaner plus baking soda or dish soap.


Cleaning agents needed: Baking soda or dish soap (alternatively, you can use the same product used in steam cleaners)
Tools needed: Old toothbrush, brush, clean rag or towel, and bucket

Here are the steps for how to clean your carpet without a steam cleaner:

  • Get a bucket of warm water and your preferred cleaning tool ready.
  • Vacuum the entire area you wish to clean to get rid of dirt and dust.
  • If using baking soda, sprinkle the stain until completely covered. If using dish soap, measure the stain’s size, and use 1 tablespoon per 6 to 8 inches of stain.
  • Swoosh it around until you see bubbles.
  • Using an old brush, toothbrush, rag, or towel, gently scrub the stain with warm water.
  • Do not completely soak the floor, just make it wet enough to scrub away the dirt/stain.
  • Turn on any fans, or open nearby windows to allow carpet to air dry.
  • Once dry, vacuum again.