Hygiene Dispenser Rental Services

We pride ourselves in supplying one of the best hygiene dispensers on the market today. These hygiene dispensers are durable, cost effective and most of them have a lifetime warranty.

Not only are they the most durable hygiene dispensers on the market but also one of the best when it comes to the hygiene refills. the refills used in these hygiene dispensers are of the best in the world. Please visit the dispenser pages if you really want to see what we mean.

We provide our clients with exceptional service when it comes to our hygiene services.

We do 12 months to 24 months rentals with monthly servicing and refilling of dispensers. Our staff is well trained and equipped to service, maintain and to replace broken hygiene dispenser on the spot.

We give full monthly reports as well as we give all our clients a 12-month service schedule in advance. So, you as a client can know precisely when we are coming to do service and to replace the hygiene refills on a monthly basis.

We also pride ourselves on Our turnaround time on broken/damaged hygiene dispensers. As soon as a client has logged a call, we act immediately to solve the problem or issue and it will be resolved on the same day.

White Range

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Satin Range

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Stainless Steel Range

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