Corporate and Office Cleaning Contracts

Avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Get your office sanitized/disinfected today.

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Best carpet cleaning services. Get this amazing carpet cleaning service today. Call us on 087 500 9061

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PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS Pro 2 Clean Group's Pest Control Division is specially designed to tackle common pests such as roaches, ants & rodents.

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Hygiene Services

Avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Get your office sanitized/disinfected today.

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Corporate &

Office Cleaning Service

Our portfolio contains a varied mix of clients, from the large corporate right through to the smaller offices needing our services.

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Our expertise in providing commercial cleaning services for shopping centres & retail outlets range from local neighbourhood centres, trough to major shopping centre complexes and showrooms

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Industrial &

Factory Cleaning Services

Our portfolio contains a varied mix of clients, from the large corporate right through to the smaller offices needing our services.

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Electrical Services and Residential Electricians

Our team of licensed electricians is highly qualified and specializes in a wide range of residential electrical services. We have the knowledge and experience to solve any circuit problem. This company can proudly say that our experts have passed our NQF levels with flying colours.

All of our services we offer are provided for any residential property. The circuit installation of a home is a complicated series of components. This includes the DB Boards, breakers, cables, outlets and switches that make up a residential property’s circuit.

We are capable of providing you with an excellent range of services. We are equipped with the knowledge on how the installation of your home works.

Our residential electrical services include:

  • Full residential circuit installations
  • Setup and rewiring
  • Installations, upgrading and replacement of electrical panels
  • Whole house surge protection
  • Outlet repair and installation
  • Ceiling fan installations and repairs
  • All lighting fixture installations, repair and replacements
  • Installations of Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Exhaust fan installations
  • Pool & hot tub wiring.
  • Safety inspections.
  • Power distribution wiring.
  • Lighting wiring
  • Permanently installed appliances
  • Telephone Wiring
  • Computer Networks
  • Home theater installations
  • COC Certificates
  • Common electrical problems

Did you know that one of the highest causes of fires in South Africa is electrical faults? In South Africa, safety regulations forbid homeowners to work on their own circuits. Therefore, the “Do It Yourself” mentality is not advisable when it comes to problem-solving.

It is best to leave a problem in a residential circuit to a qualified and certified electrician. We offer such a broad range of services. Therefore we can ensure that we can assist with any emergency and problem homeowners might have.

If a homeowner causes an electrical fire in their home, the insurance company may not pay out for damages. Mostly if the fire was caused by illegal tampering of circuits.

Electrical Wiring services for your home or office

Our team of highly qualified electricians specializes in complete wiring services for your home, flat, home office or smallholding. Whether it may be a full wiring setup and we install wiring if you need to have your system rewired. We can also assist with maintaining of electrical systems and repairs of any wiring system. Our company different types of electricians and electrical contractors can assist you.

With years of experience, we are trusted by many to do wiring from the main supply through to your outlets. Including components like switches, circuit breakers, DB Boards and every electrical component in between are covered. We understand the negative impact any fault can have on your home. Therefore we will assist promptly with any emergency repair when needed.

Maintaining home circuits will ensure that your electrical system meets the requirements of South Africa’s national electric code. We include the wiring of light fixtures and light dimming switches. As part of our services we include the wiring of sockets, ceiling fans and circuit wiring of the entire home.

Electrical testing services

Our electrical company has qualified contractors that offer inspections and testing services. Including fixed wire testing of your home’s power distributor, lighting, heating, ventilation, computer and telephone systems.

We will inspect the entire home circuit to find any faults that should be fixed. Our team will ensure that your home complies with the electrical regulations of South Africa. We repair any problems that might cause danger or health risks. That is why we offer fault finding, testing and inspection services.

Electrical testing services

Repair and maintenance services are one of the more extensive services we offer for residential customers. A damaged or dysfunctional circuit can put the residence’s health at risk. Allow our team of citified electricians to ensure that your electrical installations comply with safety regulations. We will fix and repair electrical components and do maintenance on any circuit fault you might have.

Electrical certification services

When properties are sold, the sellers must first provide Electrical Compliance Certificates before transfers can commence. The ECOC proves that all the electrical circuits of the property function correctly. The Certificate of Compliance is there to safeguard both the seller, as well as the buyer. The certificate proves that the property is free from circuit faults and shows that the property is correctly earthed and bonded.

The buyer is ensured that the property is not a fire hazard and will not cause shocks. The seller is obligated to supply a valid Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance (EFCOC) for a transfer to be concluded.