Corporate and Office Cleaning Contracts

Avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Get your office sanitized/disinfected today.

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Best carpet cleaning services. Get this amazing carpet cleaning service today. Call us on 087 500 9061

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PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS Pro 2 Clean Group's Pest Control Division is specially designed to tackle common pests such as roaches, ants & rodents.

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Hygiene Services

Avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Get your office sanitized/disinfected today.

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Corporate &

Office Cleaning Service

Our portfolio contains a varied mix of clients, from the large corporate right through to the smaller offices needing our services.

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Our expertise in providing commercial cleaning services for shopping centres & retail outlets range from local neighbourhood centres, trough to major shopping centre complexes and showrooms

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Industrial &

Factory Cleaning Services

Our portfolio contains a varied mix of clients, from the large corporate right through to the smaller offices needing our services.

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Road & Parking Lot Cleaning Services

Pro 2 Clean Group has many years of experience in providing superior quality parking lot and road cleaning services to all sizes of customers. Our parking lot and road cleaning service specialists will conduct a site inspection with you to advise on a solution to keep your parking lot and road looking it’s best.

In today’s highly competitive market, business property and facility managers just can’t afford a tarnished image caused by cutting back on parking lot and road cleaning services.

Why it is so imperative to attain a professional parking lot and road cleaning services partner like Pro 2 Clean Group on a regular basis:

  • If your business’ exterior is neglected, potential customers expect the internal cleanliness of your business to be the same
  • To be successful, one must project an image of success at all times, this extends to the exterior and parking of your building, not just the interior
  • It’s almost impossible to develop or retain a competitive edge if your parking lot is unkept.
  • Even the most beautiful landscaping and building exterior is made ineffective by a parking lot cluttered with debris.
  • People are typically hesitant to venture into a cluttered, dirty parking lot due to potential tire damage.
  • Sand, dirt, and debris are abrasive and shorten the life span of the pavement, its seal coating, and striping.
  • When a parking area is clean, its highly unlikely that visitors will drop trash on the ground upon a visit

The Dirty Truth about Parking Lots

  • Sand, gravel, dirt, trash and other debris collect on surfaces of parking lots, posing a hazard to vehicles and pedestrians. Accidents are more likely to occur due to poor maintenance or negligence which property owners can be found liable for
  • Excess gravel and dirt create an unstable surface, tires may loose their grip with the road resulting in a skid and possible damage or injury
  • Dirty parking lots will kick up fugitive dust on windy days and fine dust can cause health problems or allergies
  • Wind may also blow debris such as nails, screws and broken glass onto vehicles, occupants and visitors
  • Debris may cause pedestrians to slip and fall, which is a commonly reported parking lot injury.
  • Dirt and debris, along with other abrasive particles found in parking lots act like sand paper when vehicles drive over it. The constant grinding wears surface causing rapid deterioration.
  • Accumulated dirt in pavement cracks and become a breeding ground for weeds and as the plants grow, they can cause the surface to heave and crack more.
  • Dirty parking lots can become a feeding ground for rodents and other pests, which is unsanitary and can be dangerous.

What Lurks Below

  • Underground garages face the same dirty issues as surface lots and then some.
    Underground parking lots often have poor ventilation resulting in stale and stagnant air
  • This intensifies odours from trash, cigarette butts, vehicle fluid leaks and rainwater that’s regularly tracked in and takes much longer to evaporate than on outside parking lots.
  • Dirty water also sits in floor drains contributing to undesirable underground garage smells and could become a breeding ground for bacteria that may result in health issues

Areas we Service Include: Sandton, Midrand, Randburg, Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Fourways, Bryanston, Woodmead, Parkmore, Rivonia, Inanda, Hyde Park, Melrose, Kyalami, Cresta, Centurion, Boksburg, Alberton, Germiston, Johannesburg, Pretoria and most areas in Gauteng

Need Your Floor Cleaned? Call 087 500 9061 or Email sales@pro2clean.co.za

Pro 2 Clean Group’s Parking Lot and Road Cleaning Services are Available to:


  • Commercial Buildings and Warehouses
  • Corporate Offices
  • Small, Medium and Large Offices
  • Government Buildings
  • Hotels and Guest Houses
  • Schools
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurant Offices
  • Work-from-Home Offices