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Avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Get your office sanitized/disinfected today.

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Best carpet cleaning services. Get this amazing carpet cleaning service today. Call us on 087 500 9061

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PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS Pro 2 Clean Group's Pest Control Division is specially designed to tackle common pests such as roaches, ants & rodents.

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Hygiene Services

Avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Get your office sanitized/disinfected today.

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Corporate &

Office Cleaning Service

Our portfolio contains a varied mix of clients, from the large corporate right through to the smaller offices needing our services.

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Our expertise in providing commercial cleaning services for shopping centres & retail outlets range from local neighbourhood centres, trough to major shopping centre complexes and showrooms

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Industrial &

Factory Cleaning Services

Our portfolio contains a varied mix of clients, from the large corporate right through to the smaller offices needing our services.

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Snake and Gecko Control

Pro 2 Clean Group offers Professional Snake and Gecko Control Services:

Specialized Snake Control Services performed by our Certified Pest Control Service Professionals

Snake and Gecko Control. Pest Control Solutions for snakes and geckos. In general, snakes have a bad reputation. These reptiles are an important part of the ecosystems, as they can help keep other pests at bay. In addition, snakes don’t start their mornings off thinking, “It would be so much fun to creep out some humans today.” Actually, they’re often likely to hide if they sense you coming anywhere near.

Professional Snake Control Experts will prepare a solution that works for your business needs

If you’re like most people, you probably prefer that your premises and garden be free of snakes. And we honestly can’t say we blame you!

Pro 2 Clean Groups Approach to Snake Control for your Business:

At Pro 2 Clean Groups snake control services, we put our Pest and snake control expertise to work to assist our clients in solving all pest control challenges. Here are a few thigs to consider when looking at Snake Control for your home and business:

1. Keep your yard clutter free

Snakes like clutter for a few reasons. Firstly, it gives them a good spot to hide from predators. Secondly, snakes are reptiles, which means they need warmth to survive. Clutter, like compost piles or stacks of wood can make a nice, warm den that protects snakes from the elements. Pro 2 Clean Groups Snake Control experts will help you look for alternatives that are less attractive to snakes.

2. Cut the Grass

The expression “a snake in the grass?” came about for a reason. Snakes like tall grass because it’s where their prey lives. It provides cover for hunting, and keeps them protected from predators. Keep your grass trimmed and snakes will be more likely to look for areas in which they’re not so exposed. Pro 2 Clean Groups Pest and Snake Control Professionals will assist you with your snake control measures.

3. Learn about the snakes in your area

Reading up on the snakes in your region gives you a better idea of their habitat. At Pro 2 Clean Group Pest Control Services, we understand what conditions create the ideal environment for different snake species, let our Snake Control Professionals help purge your yard of the elements that make it a haven for snakes.

4. Secure the perimeter of your home and business

One of the main issues with having snakes in your yard is that they can find their way into your house or business. Nobody wants that!

To keep snakes out of your home and business, you’ll want to inspect the perimeter of your house and business — and other freestanding buildings— regularly to make sure there aren’t any cracks or holes snakes could slither through. Consider covering any openings or vents with a fine mesh, call our qualified professional Snake Control specialists to do help you. If you do have cracks and holes, you’ll want to patch those as soon as you can.

5. Call a professional

Call Pro 2 Clean Groups Pest Control Services and leave it up to the professionals.

Snakes aren’t evil creatures out to make our lives miserable, but they do make many home and business owners uncomfortable. The above preventative measures will allow you to keep snakes out of your yard, but in a humane way.

Pro 2 Clean Group offers a variety of snake control options, call us today for a free site inspection so we can work with you to come up with the most effective way to control your snake problem

snake repellent


  • Snake Repel is effective against both venomous and non-venomous snakes.
  • When used and applied as directed it is safe for humans, animal and plant life.
  • It is non-toxic and eco-friendly, and has no unpleasant odour.

Pro 2 Clean Group Pest Control Services for effective Gecko Control Solutions:

The main issue with geckos is hygiene related, the faeces of a gecko is known to carry many parasites.

These parasites, as well as salmonella can be passed to humans through contact with their fecal matter.

Geckos love hiding behind wall hangings, photo frames, air conditioners, clocks and behind light and fan fittings. One method of controlling geckos is to seal around some of these things to prevent the gecko from accessing these areas.

Pro 2 Clean Group Gecko and Pest Control Services has been using a silicon spray like Go Gecko to keep them away. Call our Pest Control Specialists for a free site inspection so we can help create a plan to keep your pests under control.

go gecko domestic


  • Is a silicone based product which encapsulates the active chemical ingredient allowing a slow release into the air of the area that it is applied to.
  • One 500ml bottle of Go Gecko will allow a 60 – 70 metre spray line and lasts about 2 weeks depending on infestation.

Call Pro 2 Clean Group Pest Control Services Today to schedule a free, no obligation site inspection so we can assist you with your Pest Control needs!

Areas we Service Include: Pest Control Services Sandton, Pest Control Services Midrand, Pest Control Services Randburg, Pest Control Services Krugersdorp, Pest Control Services Roodepoort, Pest Control Services Fourways, Pest Control Services Bryanston, Pest Control Services Woodmead, Pest Control Services Parkmore, Pest Control Services Rivonia, Pest Control Services Inanda, Pest Control Services Hyde Park, Pest Control Services Melrose, Pest Control Services Kyalami, Pest Control Services Cresta, Pest Control Services Centurion, Pest Control Services Boksburg, Pest Control Services Alberton, Pest Control Services Germiston, Pest Control Services Johannesburg, Pest Control Services Pretoria and most areas in Gauteng

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