The best way to clean cloudy glasses with water deposits


The most common culprit for water stains on glasses is hard-water drops of calcium and magnesium repeatedly drying into place in the dishwasher, and not using enough dishwasher detergent.

To clean hard water stains from glass, add an acidic rinse (such as white vinegar) to your dishwasher and rewash the foggy glasses. Be sure to check your dishwasher’s instructions for the right amount to use.¬†Cleaning glasses with vinegar by hand is probably the best way to clean cloudy glass.
The best performing low phosphate detergents include Finish Powerball Tabs, Cascade Complete All-in-1 Actionpacs, and Cascade Complete All-in-1 Gel Dishwasher Detergent with Bleach Hydroclean Action.