500ml Foam Toilet Seat Sanitiser

This allows the user to sanitise the toilet seat before using it, giving all users of the washroom, peace of mind.
  • Foaming seat sanitiser refill
  • Very Cost effective: each refill gives an astonishing 1250 shots of seat sanitiser on a 0.4ml dose size
  • Control dose sizes available- 0.4ml, 0.65ml, 1.0ml
  • The refill is hygienically sealed to prevent alcohol from evaporating, ensuring that you are always using a product that works
  • Has the lowest waste – industry leading evaporating and controlled dosing system
  • Superior styling improves washroom aesthetics
  • Preferred environmental choice – box free refills, recyclable pump bottles, biodegradable soaps and up to 80% package waste reduction vs. bag in box systems
  • Dosing reduces usage up to 60% – Quality at a affordable price.
  • Dimensions: 10(D) x 12.7 (W) x 22cm (H)


  • Foaming Alcohol Based Seat Sanitiser
  • Spray onto toilet paper and wipe the toilet seat – to get rid of germs before using
  • Quick drying
  • Very Cost Saving: each refill will give 1250 shots of seat sanitiser on a 0.4ml dose size
  • Hygienically sealed disposable refills keep alcohol sealed in ensuring that the user is always using a product that works.