Ways To Make Your Home Smell Fabulous Now


  •  * Air it out! It’s a scientific fact that old air and new air hate each other, and new air will always win.

* Eliminate the stinky culprits. Tackle the smell at its source.

* Burn, spray, and smoke out the smell. Candles, air sprays, incenses, and plug-ins are excellent weapons.

* Cook something delicious. The smell of fresh-baked bread will conquer any bad smells in your home.

* Carpet freshener is your friend.

* Make a potpourri out of things you already have at home.

* Do a quick wipe-down with a great-smelling household cleaner. Even if you don’t have time to clean your entire home, you can give guests  that impression.

* Let your washing machine do all the work, because one of the most wonderful smells in the world is freshly laundered clothes.

* Use cotton ball perfume bombs. Scatter your home with these little whiffs of pleasure.

* Candle warmers are magical. Just about any liquid that smells good will smell even better when it is heated.

*  Fabric refreshers are on your side.

* DIY furniture polish: A little goes a long way!

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