Deep Cleaning of Toilet Bowls and Toilet Rims

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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning of Toilet bowls and Toilet Rims

It is vital to do deep cleaning on your restroom toilets at least once a month. There is nothing worse than a toilet that smells and that is dirty, most of the time they go along. Over a period, lime scale and yellow water marks starts appearing in the toilet bowl. Not only that but under the toilet rim the bacteria is having a field day with thousands of bacteria sitting underneath the toilet rim. This is as bad as it can get. Pro 2 Clean hygiene teams are well trained on deep cleaning of toilet bowls and toilet rims and we deliver an exceptional hygiene service to our clients.

Our Hygiene Services Include:


Rental of hygiene dispensers

Servicing of hygiene dispensers on a monthly basis. Replacing damage hygiene dispensers caused by malfunction. (our turn around time is no more than 1 day.) Hygiene refills we replace monthly or as per client request. We do not deliver consumables if the client does not need them. A full report is sent to the client on the well being of the hygiene dispensers and any recommendations if need be to better the hygiene standards.

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Feminine Hygiene – Sanitary Services

Pro 2 Clean provides feminine sanitary bins on a rental basis. Either on a month to month basis, 12 month or a 24-month contract. We also offer to service the feminine sanitary bins either on a weekly, bio-weekly, or monthly basis. We empty and disinfect the bins and reline them with new liners. We dispose of the sanitary waste in a decent manner by using proper containers and transport to a certified waste disposal facility.

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Deep Cleaning

We also provide our clients with a monthly deep cleaning service for urinals, urinal traps, basins, toilets, and showers. Deep cleaning helps with the removal of limescale, dirt, the smell of urine in the urinal traps and helps with the blockage of drainpipes etc. Keeping your facilities hygienic and smelling fresh.

Deep Cleaning Services

Disinfecting / Sanitizing services

Sanitizing or disinfecting of Offices, warehouses, production plants or rest rooms we do either as a once off service or can workout a suitable program thought the year to keep these areas as hygienic as possible. Our staff is well trained, and our procedures are of the highest standards -satisfaction guaranteed.

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